About Us

This is the website for Plastic-Free Felixstowe, a community group set up in February 2018 with the aim of reducing the use of plastics in our town.

So far, after barely 4 months, we have over 1000 members!


We aim to educate and encourage everyone in Felixstowe to do their bit in their own lives to reduce the plastic epidemic. Beyond the changes we can all make in our own

lives, we will be talking to all the shops and businesses in Felixstowe to encourage good practices.

On the Local Heroes page, we have a list of those shops already doing brilliant work. Please tell me of any other heroes to add to the list.

We need to do this because we are killing the planet on which we all live, Sir David Attenbourough’s Blue Planet shows the devestation caused to the oceans and marine life.

There is a different way. We cannnot overnight eliminate all plastic, but we can reduce our use of it significantly, such as:

  • Jute/cloth shopping bags rather than plastic
  • Re-usable hard plastic or metal water bottles
  • Bio-degradable straws
  • Water fountains to refill water bottles
  • Fewer ready-meals (plastic container, plastic film)
  • All take-away coffee cups to be bio-degradable
  • Stop plastic cutlery, as has been done already in France

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